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Do you have enough coverage on your personal computer equipment?

Germania Announces New Enhanced Personal Computer Coverage

Beginning in the first quarter of 2007, Germania and Texas Heritage insureds will have the option to purchase enhanced coverage for their personal computers.

The Enhanced Personal Computer Coverage endorsement provides “all risk coverage”¾ meaning loss to the insured item is covered unless it is specifically excluded in the policy. This new coverage is in addition to any coverage provided in the policy for your personal property. You decide how much coverage is needed for your computer equipment. Covered losses are subject to only a $100 deductible.

Payment for covered losses under this endorsement may be either replacement cost or actual cash value depending on the type of coverage you have on your personal property. If your personal property is insured on a replacement cost basis, your computer equipment loss will be paid on a replacement cost basis. If your personal property is insured on an actual cash value basis, your computer equipment loss will be paid on an actual cash value basis.

Another benefit of having this endorsement is that covered personal computer equipment is not subject to any off-premises limit. For example, a loss to your child’s computer while they are away at school is covered up to the amount of coverage you chose for the endorsement.

This endorsement is available for the following items:

  • Personal computer equipment including hardware, software, operating systems or networks and other electronic parts, equipment or systems designed solely for use with or connected to computer equipment (i.e. laptops, desktops, docking stations, monitors, keyboards, printers, mouse, speakers, digital projectors, scanners, PDAs, handheld and pocket PCs, Palmtops and Smart phones). This also includes personal computer equipment leased to an insured, including equipment leased from schools by teachers or students.
  • Equipment such as business computers, video game consoles, multimedia and DVD players, TVs, smart watches, iPod or MP3 players, digital cameras, cell phones, calculators, GPS systems and stand-alone copiers are NOT ELIGIBLE for coverage under the endorsement. Also, not eligible is equipment rented to others or held for rental by an insured.

Policies with unscheduled personal property coverage may add this enhanced protection at any time. To add this coverage to your policy, contact your agent.

This describes highlights of coverage and service. For all coverages, limits and deductibles, conditions, terms and exclusions, please refer to the policy.

Germania Unveils New Identity Recovery Coverage

We are pleased to inform you that qualified policies will now include Identity Recovery Coverage (IRC) which provides protection for the growing problem of identity theft.

Most identity theft victims report that the real cost of identity theft is the frustrating and time consuming process to repair the damage done by identity thieves. Our program is different than most because it provides both expense reimbursement coverage and assistance for the recovery process.

The Germania IRC includes:

  • Low-cost identity theft protection for only $24 per year which will automatically be added to qualified policies.
  • A toll-free helpline number for policyholders who suspect they may be victims of identity theft to help them start the recovery process.
  • An Identity Recovery Customer Guide to help the insured handle simpler cases, such as misuse of existing credit card accounts.
  • For verified victims of identity fraud, a highly experienced case manager is assigned to help the victim recover control of their identity, correct their credit history and otherwise assist with much of the work the insured would otherwise have to handle alone.